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All events listed on the Marquette University Calendar must be sponsored by or affiliated with the university. Examples include programs hosted by schools or colleges, events associated with recognized student groups that are approved by the Office of Student Development or large public events at university venues. Events are reviewed, edited and added to the calendar at the discretion of the calendar administrator.

For questions, contact Stacy Tuchel, marketing office associate in the Office of Marketing and Communication, at (414) 288.7452 or Clare Peterson, communication specialist in the Office of Marketing and Communication, at (414) 288.6195.

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    Arts and Sciences: Biological Sciences
    Arts and Sciences: Chemistry
    Arts and Sciences: English
    Arts and Sciences: Foreign Languages & Literature
    Arts and Sciences: History
    Arts and Sciences: Math, Statistics & Computer Sci
    Arts and Sciences: Philosophy
    Arts and Sciences: Physics
    Arts and Sciences: Political Science
    Arts and Sciences: Psychology
    Arts and Sciences: ROTC
    Arts and Sciences: Social and Cultural
    Arts and Sciences: Theology
    Arts and Sciences1
    Business Administration
    Business Administration: Accounting
    Business Administration: Economics
    Business Administration: Finance
    Business Administration: Graduate School (GSM)
    Business Administration: Management
    Business Administration: Marketing
    Communication: Communication Studies
    Communication: Digital Media and Performing Arts
    Communication: Journalism and Media Studies
    Communication: Strategic Communication
    Dentistry: Clinical Services
    Dentistry: Dental Clinics
    Dentistry: Developmental Sciences
    Dentistry: General Dental Sciences
    Dentistry: Surgical Sciences
    Education: Counselor Education and Counseling Psyc
    Education: Educational Policy and Leadership
    Engineering: Biomedical Engineering
    Engineering: Civil and Environmental
    Engineering: Electrical and Computer
    Engineering: Mechanical
    Graduate School
    Health Sciences
    Health Sciences: Athletic Training
    Health Sciences: Biomedical Sciences
    Health Sciences: Clinical Laboratory Science
    Health Sciences: Exercise Science
    Health Sciences: Physical Therapy
    Health Sciences: Physician Assistant
    Health Sciences: Speech Pathology and Audiology
    Law School
    Professional Studies
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    16th Street Parking Structure
    18th Street Parking Structure
    707 Building
    Abbottsford Residence Hall
    Academic Support Facility
    Alumni Memorial Union
        Central Mall
    Campus Town 1 Parking
    Campus Town 2 Parking
    Campus Town 3 Parking
    Campus Town 4 Parking
    Campus Town East
    Campus Town West
    Carpenter Tower Residence Hall
    Child Care Center
    Church of the Gesu
    Church of the Gesu Parish
    Clark Hall
    Cobeen Residence Hall
    Coughlin Hall
    Cramer Hall
    Cudahy Hall
    Dental Clinic
    Eckstein Hall
    Eckstein Hall Parking
    Engineering Hall
    Frenn Apartments
    Gilman Apartments
    Haggerty Hall
    Haggerty Museum of Art
    Helfaer Building
    Helfaer Theatre
    Holthusen Hall
    Humphrey Hall Apartments
    Jesuit Residence
    Johnston Hall
    Lalumiere Language Hall
    Law Library
    Marquette Hall
    Marquette Neighborhood Health Center
    Marquette University Medical Clinic
    Mashuda Residence Hall
    McCabe Residence Hall
    McCormick Residence Hall
    McGuire Center
    O'Donnell Residence Hall
    Olin Engineering Center
    Parking Lot A
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    Parking Lot W
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        Beaumier Suites
    Rec Center
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    Schroeder Residence Hall
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    Service Building
    St. Joan of Arc Chapel
    Straz Hall
    Straz Tower
    Theatre (Helfaer Theatre)
    Union Sports Annex
    Valley Fields
    Varsity Theatre
    Weasler Auditorium
    Wehr Chemistry
    Wehr Life Sciences
    Wehr Physics
    Wells Street Parking Structure
    Zilber Hall
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